Hello there, I’m Clarity. Well, I have decided to go by the name Clarity for the purpose of my writing and this blog – It used to be my performing name but, that’s a whole different story.. My name is actually Clare, which means clear, apparently. Get it? There’s no second name. It’s like Madonna, or Moses, or Prince, although only formally known as… I digress…

I’m a 28 (eek) year old woman, from Liverpool, England, taking a career break from my job as a Customer Service Assistant for Virgin Trains East Coats. I took a year off of work and started travelling the world. I am going to be travelling 28 countries all together, solo.

This blog is my sharing of personal opinions, experiences, and I suppose, feelings about this journey, and travelling in general. To read and keep up to date, simply click the menu button on the top right and browse through new, old, ugly, follow me on Social Media, and generally be a Nosey Nora.

Here we go…


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